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Myofascial Energetic Release (MER)

“The capacity of MER to alleviate acute and chronic pain has made it an indispensable tool in treating widespread conditions of body and head pain.”

-Satyarthi Peloquin (

Myofascial Energetic Release (MER) is a form of deep body work that can transform your life. MER works with a unique synthesis of deep and soft connective tissue manipulation, joint release, energy and breath work, myofascial relaxation, training of body consciousness, as well as emotions and their expression. In my sessions I will concentrate on breathing. Through a deep, sensitive touch I work on the cause of chronic pain; Overly contracted soft tissue. While I work on your body, I will also guide you in releasing the pain. And teach you about the cause of the spasms in the tissue. Cramped tissue limits the functions of your organs and has a negative impact on the flexibility of your body. These hardened tissues influence how you feel, think and move. You may notice it in daily small aches, such as pain in your back when you wake up, or pain in your chest when you breathe deeply. Or maybe you’ll experience it more intensely with chronic or severe pain.

The Bodywork Sessions

Focus on Breath

Breath is life. A limited breath limits your life.

We usually use only 20% of our lung capacity in daily life. Just enough to survive physically. At a speed of 15-20 breaths per minute, we are in fact in a constant survival mode. Your body does not relax, which creates tension and stress in your body and life.

Lighter, more free, more alive

During the MER Breath sessions I will work on your body in a way that you can open up and release.

Through deep, sensitive touch I will help you relax the contractions in the connective tissue. You will feel more free, relaxed and lively.


When your body is so deeply touched as during this MER work, the blocked energy will release.

This begins a wonderful process of involuntary movements, which we call ‘unwinding’. You are very much encouraged to allow these movements.

Working areas

Neck and Shoulders

Your neck is the connection between your head and body. By opening the neck you become more responsive to the signals your body sends to your brain.

You will be able to feel more subtle sensations. You will feel lighter and freer in your movements.

Chest and upper back

Tension in your chest and upper back makes it harder to breathe completely. You can’t fully absorb life, or you struggle to relax and stay alert and active.

Depending on your posture I will work on easing the tension in these areas. So you can move and breathe more freely and can enjoy a happier life.

Abdominal and pelvic area

Your abdomen and pelvis are sensitive spots, packed with emotions. I discovered that the right touch can reveal many deeply hidden layers of forgotten memories. The contraction in the tissue disappears and you will feel more spacious in your body.

Be open to surprises.

Lower back and sacrum

Most people suffer from low back pain. This is often purely a psychosomatic effect. By working deeply and sensitively on the connective tissue, you can discover surprising effects.

Both chronic and acute low back pain can be treated with a conscious, skillful touch.

Hips and thighs

Pain in your hips and thighs can quickly result in limited freedom of movement. Often this also has its mental impact.

An MER session creates space and freedom in your body through deep touch. This way you move again without pain and you can enjoy life more.


Knees, legs, feet

Your feet carry you and with your legs you move yourself forward. Makes sense, doesn’t it? In many people, however, cramping causes that this movement and carrying capacity is not so obvious.

Pain in your feet or legs causes imbalance in your body. You’re losing direction and security.


My Vision

High quality touch

The quality of touch is my first priority. Therefore I move consciously and carefully and always with awareness. I strive for a sense of comfort and safety so that you can completely surrender and experience the ‘unwinding’ of your physical tension.

Life-changing effect

I’ve found that bodywork can support personal growth. That’s why I create space to experience a full range of emotions and feelings. This could give you insights that will change your life forever.

Personal development

A deep bodywork session is besides an relieving experience also something that will have long lasting effect. Your body starts to open and you can move more freely.

What my clients say about me

The neck massage he gave me was exactly the kind I was looking for. Both soft and loving, attuned to my breath, yet so powerful and straight-by-sea. I can’t remember when my neck had been so deeply loosened and relaxed.

I can warmly recommend him.


Several years I suffer from pain in my lower back and tension in my belly. That became more after some emotional experiences lately. After the session with a deep tissue massage I was more flexible, had less pain and felt more relaxed.


Johan tuned in so well on my physical problems. He massaged and stretched me in the right place and guided me to the pain and relaxed. I felt really calm.


My back has always been my guiding principle for how I am doing mentally. The last time I was knotted up, I booked a session with Johan to see how I would respond to a session of body and breath work, as I needed something extra. Wow! I walked in as a question mark and left as an exclamation mark (with matching energy). Johan’s calm and loving presence ensured that my body trusted him to be lovingly led into feeling the deeper layers of stored tension and pain.


After a massage went very wrong at the beginning of this year, I was very reluctant to let someone to do body work on me. To see how it was going, I booked a session with Johan. And I’m so relieved that I’ve done that!

Johan ensured that I felt safe from the moment his hands touched my body. The deep tissue massage he gave me really did wonders for my lower back, and the pain has since been much less. As a bodyworker myself, it is often painful to discover that many so-called bodyworkers are missing what I would call “conscious touch”. Johan is not one of them and he really knows what he is doing. Thank you very much!


During stressful periods I always suffer from pain in my neck, shoulders and upper back. Life is less relaxing and I am less active than I want to be. After the session with Johan I felt lighter and freer. A happier person.


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60 and 30 minutes sessions only available in consultation.

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